Environmental conservation

Afrimat operates in an industry (opencast mining) that has a significant impact on the environment. The group is therefore committed to the continuous improvement of its operations by using its resources responsibly with the aim of reducing its environmental impact.

In compliance with environmental legislation, Afrimat’s quarries are audited every second year by ASPASA and SARMA audits and the readymix plants are audited annually. The DMR also performs random inspections at the group’s quarries. Mandatory EMPs are done at all mines to monitor dust emissions, decrease noise pollution, find safe and bunted storage for hazardous chemical substances, and recycle effectively.

As part of its environmental policy, management address all areas of improvement identified during these audits and inspections. The group has committed to undertaking formal carbon footprint assessments going forward. Further, much effort goes into training programmes for employees in improving the mitigation of the identified environmental risks.

Environmental initiatives

The following measures have been implemented to conserve precious resources and decrease Afrimat’s carbon footprint:

  • benchmarking of operational output and the use of electricity, fuel and explosives;
  • determination of the basic needs for optimum production leading to the establishment of a standard of consumption rate per machine;
  • ongoing monitoring of power factor corrector capacitors to ensure a decreasing trend in electricity usage;
  • sequential start-up of electrical motors at each start-up procedure;
  • a shift in production times to fall in non-peak consumption periods for electricity; and
  • used oil to be sold to accredited companies for recycling purposes.