The Industrial Minerals division supplies the steel industry with metallurgical dolomite, the construction industry with a variety of aggregate products and the agricultural industry with agricultural lime through its Glen Douglas, Infrasors’ Marble Hall and Lyttleton mines.

The Glen Douglas mine is uniquely positioned to supply customers in the southern parts of Johannesburg and the northern Free State and has a formidable presence in the Vaal area. The mine has reserves for the next 30 to 40 years and can facilitate cheaper transport costs for its customers through a rail siding equipped with a mechanical loading facility more

Afrimat has a 97.3% stake in resources group Infrasors, which produces dolomite, limestone and silica further expanding Afrimat’s foothold in industrial minerals. Infrasors’ Marble Hall and Lyttleton mines provide opencast mining, crushing, washing and sizing of a dolomite ore-body. They supply metallurgical dolomite to the iron steel industry and stone dust (powders) to the coal and agricultural industries. more

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Clinker Supplies offers processed clinker aggregate for brick manufacture, road and civil construction purposes as well as unclassified clinker to the cement industry through its Klip, Vaal and Vierfontein plants. more

Agricultural Lime

LimeCor offers micro fine dolomite from the Meyerton and Lyttelton mines for use in the agricultural industry as well as natural dolomitic lime with high calcium value from the Marble Hall mine for use in the agricultural industry. more

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Cape Lime

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